A few new additions to the roster and a new look for the Subaru NSWIS and MS team will be on show this week at the 2016 Road Cycling National Championships in Buninyong.

The strong representation from the team in the U23 field is a progression DS Ben Kersten is very pleased to see with five U23’s racing across the Criterium, Time Trial and Road Race.

It feels pretty good! I’d like to have more and there are a lot of good riders in NSW in the U23’s, many being looked after by guys like Trent Wilson at GPM and other teams.

He is keen however for the riders to still look at this in terms of their development rather than having expectations about taking home a Jersey.

We do have a lot of guys in U23 that still have a few years to go so I’m happy for this to still be a process before coming out and have a crack at the overall title. We do have enough numbers to make a difference, and a chance of getting a jersey, but happy to go through the process this time around.

We always go in believing we can win, but this year is a chance to really maximise our learnings because they are going so well and can see what it’s like to be up the front the whole time, he added.

It will be in the Road Race that many of these young riders will be looking to make their mark.

Pics courtesy of Champion Systems

Pics courtesy of Champion Systems

Nathan Bradshaw and Jordan Payne who both missed the event in 2015 will be lining up with Ayden Toovey who was a late entrant last year. All three were caught up in a serious road accident only a month before the Nationals were held so this year they are keen starters.

Everyone has had good preparation and we’ve also had a training camp so this is the most prepared we’ve been at this time of year. It really helps mentally to know you have done everything right and no accidents to hinder the preparation, said Bradshaw.

Joining these three on the start line in the Road Race will be Sam Jenner and Liam MaGennis who are both racing U23 for the first time.

Nationals collage 2 2016

I’m excited to be racing against the bigger guys. Its longer distance and quicker racing and more riders will be laying it on the line for a good result, knowing it means a bit more than juniors, said MaGennis.

With a large number of spots available for the Cycling Australia U23 World Tour Academy in 2016 and selection for other races on the line there is even greater incentive for riders looking to make the next step towards a pro career, however the riders were pragmatic about their chances in the event, acknowledging that racing in National Championships could be unpredictable.

It’s not really a race you can plan, said Bradshaw. Because it is a national championships you don’t really want to ask guys to sacrifice themselves, and for everyone to have an equal chance of winning. If it comes down to a chase we’ll have to see.

It’s probably the most unpredictable race of the season, said Toovey. In the NRS with the big teams it is more structured in a way but in the U23’s there is no dominant team and it’s a national championships so everyone wants a chance to win it.

Despite the open nature of the race the riders were proud to be lining up with their teammates to start 2016.

It would be cool to see everyone there in the last three laps when the pace get’s lifted. That would be awesome because it is such a tough circuit, said Bradshaw.

In the Elite Men’s Criterium on Wednesday, Scott Law will be joining his brother Jackson in the Subaru NSWIS & MS Road Team kit for the first time.

Photo courtesy of John Veage and Cycling Australia.

Photo courtesy of John Veage and Cycling Australia.

It’s definitely going to work in our favour that we know each other really well…with heaps of experience riding together on the track we know each other inside out and I’m looking forward to racing together not just for this race but through the coming year, said Jackson.

Both riders see their track ambitions giving them a good base for the Criterium.

Keeping the leg speed high like we need to on the track will help in the Sprint…and we have done lots of endurance training for the Madison and Omnium so we are used to an hour of high intensity, so the Crit should suit us really well…not so much the RR, he added.

Joining them will be new recruits Stu Shaw and Jake Kauffman who will bring some additional firepower to the team.

Definitely with the more experienced riders the team has brought in more teams will take notice, said Scott. Guys with their experience and being good guys and strong riders they have earned a bit of respect in the bunch which helps.

Scott, who took home the National Title in the U23’s in 2012 is expecting it to follow a similar theme to past years hard and fast at the start and preparing for a close finish.

Coming into the last lap I’ll be pretty alert…I’m usually keeping an eye out for anything that moves…try to react…it’s a pretty long drag to the finish so a lot can happen, said Scott.

Elite Criterium

·         Scott Law

·         Jackson Law

·         Jake Kauffman

·         Stu Shaw

Elite Men’s Road Race

·         Troy Herfoss

·         Stu Shaw




U23 Criterium

·          Ayden Toovey

·         Nathan Bradshaw

·         Liam Magennis



U23 Time Trial

·         Sam Jenner





U23 Road Race

·         Ayden Toovey

·         Jordan Payne

·         Liam MaGennis

·         Nathan Bradshaw

·         Sam Jenner